Are you a procrastinator? Do you get distracted from work, when you should be modeling, rigging, animating?

Well, then have I got the solution for you! Introducting... Minesweeper for Maya! The first game (that I know of) you can play within Maya!

How to install:

  • Open Maya
  • Open the shelf you want to save this game to
  • Open the Script Editor (Go to Windows > General Editors > Script Editor)
  • In the Script Editor, go to File > Open Script…
  • Select the game file (
  • In the Script Editor, go to File > Save Script to Shelf…
  • Type in a name for the game
  • Done! You can go to Command > Delete Tab in the Script Editor to remove the tab with the game code. The shelf button will keep working.

To download page

How to play:

  • Select your difficulty first
  • Click on tiles to see what’s beneath them
  • If you hit a bomb, it’s game over
  • Numbers will indicate the number of neighbouring tiles that are bombs (including diagonal)
  • You can set flags on tiles where you think are bombs. Do this by switching to Set Flag with the button above. With this mode enabled, your clicks will set flags (the letter “F”) instead of destroying tiles.
  • To go back to destroying tiles, click Click Tiles.
  • The goal is to destroy every tile that isn’t a bomb.